“And when I die, there’ll be one child born…”

Yesterday marked three years since Terri journeyed to the other side.

Three years… Inconceivable yet undeniable.

So after dropping Miss M off at school I turned on my Laura Nyro Pandora, hoping to “hear” her voice. And this is what came on;

“And when I die, and when I’m gone, there’ll  be one child born in this world to carry on, to carry on…”

Tears filled my eyes as a chill swept through my body.

Miss M had gathered her Mamãe close that morning as she packed for school. I looked on as she lovingly pulled out each and every thing in Terri’s wallet-reading the membership card for the Dension Pequitsepos Nature Center in CT, savoring Terri’s license, counting how much change Mamãe had. And then she lovingly wrapped her favorite ornament which pictures Terri and Miss M in Central Park on one side and outside their favorite restaurant in NYC on the other.

Last night Team Terri gathered to honor and remember her beloved Mamãe. Some in the flesh, others via technology. The love and light that permeated my home was pure Terri. And at the center of it all? The one child born to Mamãe and Papai…

Here is what she wrote to her Mamãe-














So thank you my beloved niece for the gift that is your daughter. She radiated your essence, your beauty and your open heart and I am so deeply grateful she is here to carry on.

Miss you my love,

Aunty L



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