“Reach To The Sky Terri”


Once I fall you help me up
You give me water in a cup
You love me like you do
You know I love you too…

Happy Birthday Mamãe

Love, Marisa





Marisa is an 8 yr. old girl, writing songs, making art, having fun and most importantly eating candy!

I dream of having my own horse and all the animals that I dream of.

But for now I can play with my two favorite dogs, Aura and Brownie.

And to this day, I will be happy, sad, excited, nervous, and all those feelings.

And Mamãe will be doing all those things too.

In my memory I can picture us baking a cake and licking the bowl together.

And even though you aren’t alive right now, I know you have all those feelings too and that you are busy creating beautiful sunsets like you made for us at the bench tonight, putting on our favorite songs (and yours) and visiting us by sending a deer or two near us.

Thank you for watching over me and thank you for loving me.

And as I said, to this day I will be happy, sad, excited, nervous and many other feelings too.

I love you.


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