Family is… (Forever)

"Family is... Forever. I just couldn't fit it!'

“Family is… Forever. I just couldn’t fit it!’








This is what Miss M said to Grandpa and I about the drawing she made on Nana Canada’s Buddha Board.

It’s remarkable to me how Miss M so succinctly and effortlessly offers up these profound “koans” as her mother called them. But the reality is, it’s in her DNA; she literally personifies the spirits of her mother and grandmother.  And this personification is never more apparant than when we visit the magical island of Bowen.

This is the 2nd year Grandpa has brought us out for a visit. And as such, my heart and soul literally rejoice at the “love story” that unfolds between Miss M and Grandpa each year. A love story grounded in her mother and grandmother; Grandpa’s daughter and wife. It’s a yin and yang communion of sorts-two grieving yet rejoicing souls…

Witnessing these moments of grace and grief between the two of them sometimes takes my breath away. Mamãe and Nana Canada’s energy seeps out of every pore of the Robinson home and Bowen itself is fertile ground for revisiting, remembering and reaffirming that family is in fact forever.

Miss M and I left the island today deeply grounded as well as recharged in a “deep knowing” that the answers lie within strengthening, honoring and being present for the moments of connection with those we call family. Past and present. Now and forever.

With that in mind, it’s time to share the “change on the horizon” I alluded to in my last post.

Miss M and her Dad have decided to leave Connecticut and move to Dartmouth…

Terri and her Mom have been diligently working behind the scenes to ensure Miss M will truly be surrounded by her “Forever Family”.  A “village of mothers” so to speak, handpicked by Terri herself, to help Miss M’s Dad carry on Terri’s legacy.

A legacy of cherishing Miss M. Of teaching her to live and love deeply. To pursue her passions, reach for the stars, and in so doing, make this world a better place. To learn how to be true to herself and honor her truth. To be inspired and inspire others. And to find the beauty in life and nurture her soul.

This legacy is exactly what our trip to Bowen Island inspired in Miss M.

And we truly believe this is what moving home to her Forever Family in Dartmouth will inspire as well.


Aunty L

Together again

Together again




Miss M leaves her "mark" on Bowen

Miss M leaves her “mark” on Bowen

Engrossed in Grandpa's storytelling

Engrossed in Grandpa’s storytelling

Loving life

Loving life



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