Angel Wings

Terri’s been “popping up” all over the place… Check out the “wings” surrounding Marisa’s first recital pictures!

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All the Moms were comparing pics when one Mom pointed to my phone exclaiming, “Look at the angel wings!” Her sparkling blue eyes locked with mine and she said with complete confidence and authority, “It’s her Mama!”

I looked down to see what she meant. I swiped my phone and there they were. Again. And again. In every single picture, Marisa was surrounded by this ethereal shadow.

That same Mom quickly pulled out her phone to show me and the other moms her own photos. Not one contained that shadow. Same backdrop. Same adorable children preening in their twinkling costumes.

And there Marisa stood, in the center of us all. Beaming. Soaking up the Mamãe energy.

The owner of Broadway Kids & Company asked to see it. Tears sprang to her eyes, matching mine. “That’s beautiful.”

She looked at me, hesitated for a few seconds, then said, “Do you get signs from her often?”

I nodded my head, recognizing that familiar warmth spreading through my chest.

Not surprising, given I have been immersed in everything that is Terri since my last blog post. I have transformed Terri’s blog into manuscript form. And although there is much work still to be done, I feel as though we are perched on a precipace, almost ready to fly.

Marisa is over the moon excited. She and I have even mapped out our gracefulwomanwarrior book tour! NYC, Ohio, Vancouver, CT, Massachusetts. All of the places Terri lived. Loved. Inspired.

And I swear, as I continue to engage Marisa in her mother’s story, it’s almost as if Marisa experiences an “innate knowing” of her mother. The story of their mother/daughter bond is and always will be there for the taking. All we have to do- you and I-those of us who knew and loved Terri or were touched by her blog, is share our Terri stories with Marisa and they will be “written” into their story.

When I left the studio tonight to drive home the messages continued. The first song to come on Pandora was, “To A Child” by Laura Nyro.

What is love? Child I am here to stand by you.

And you will find,  your own way hard and true.

And I’ll find  mine. Cause I’m growing with you.

And we are finding our way…

With Terri’s Angel Wings surrounding us in their warm embrace each and every step of the way…


Aunty Laurie

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  1. Breathtaking …. what a moment to capture. And, what a gift this book will be. Not only to those who knew and loved her, but to the countless fighters who will be inspired by reading about Terri’s powerful & passionate spirit. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Thanks Lauren! Each step I take towards publication I see the power Terri’s words/life have to continue to make this world a better place…

  2. What a beautiful sight to see! I truly believe that both Terri and Jeanne are watching over Marisa and all of your family. The power of love is too strong to be taken away by death.

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