Have to add a PS to my previous post about honouring your truth…

As mentioned previously, myself, my best friend Auntie ‘Cole, and cousin J in NYC have started our own blog to chronicle our quest to live our best lives, honor our truths, and discover our passions.  It is called The Be Your Truth Pact.  Jeanne posted the first entry and it’s brilliant!!!  Go check it out…

We will post weekly about life’s serendipitous moments, the people we encounter, and the actions we take to live our truth and honour who we are.  

xoxo  – T

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  1. Terri, you especially don’t need an oncologist who dumps on your feelings or tries to convince you that “only modern medicine” has THE way to heal you.
    If alternative medicine gives you the strength and attitude to keep fighting, then screw anyone who tells you differently! (As your father says, those people are suffering from recto-cranial inversions!)

  2. That is nice; I had a similar thought thunk a while back. Anyone can tell you to “be yourself” but sometimes one’s “self” needs to change. So I think a better bit of advice is never try to be something you emphatically aren’t.

    And an idea I like to use to illustrate that is that one could imagine being a character in a novel or movie, one that’s part of a long running series, so people know the characters. And you realize that there are certain things that you expect of certain characters. You don’t expect Travis McGee to get out of a bad situation with high explosives (unless it’s a matter of Chekhov’s Gun) – he’s tough, clever, and will use whatever advantage you give him, but he’s not the kind of guy who goes around blowing things up. Similarly, he’s not the kind of guy who looks for a fight – he *will* fight, but he’d rather avoid trouble. He’ll go armed, but because he knows someone might attack him.

    Well, people are the same way, even if they lead lives that are much more real (and therefore more exciting) than people like Mr. McGee. They have things that they do that really work well for them, and they have things that they do that usually blow up for them.

    Imagine you were reading such a book about yourself – at what points would you groan and say “oh, no, you *know* that never ends well!” and when would you get that tiny bit of excitement because this is where the character is strongest, and where things come out well? More importantly, when would you sit up and be confused because that just doesn’t sound anything like the character, and so you know this can’t go well?

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