Family Love

photo_2[1]The da Silvas have finally returned “home” to Ohio.  As always, it is bittersweet.

Miss M is overjoyed to be back with all her stuffed animal friends…  Hubby is thrilled to be sleeping on his comfy king size bed again…  I’m happy to be back in my kitchen & reunited with my juicer.  But it’s always difficult leaving the northeast, our families, friends, and the cities we love and returning to the homogeneous heartland of the mid-west.

We had such a great week in NY…  Spending time with family, going to the beach, coaching hubby on his first ever trip to the driving range, sharing lots of laughs, and of course, taking Miss M into the city for her mandatory train rides.

I saw my surgeon on Thursday for post surgery follow-up.  The drain was removed.  After care plans discussed.  No driving (probably for another week or so)…  No vigorous exercise (for another 4 weeks or so)…  Wear my itchy surgical bra 24 hours/day for the next 4 weeks (yes, I even have to sleep in the damn thing).  Then return for another appointment in 4-6 weeks.

It’s been 11 days since the surgery and I’m feeling pretty good.  My mind is clearing.  My body continues to detox from the anesthesia, surgery and pain meds (as well as the less than stellar diet I’ve indulged in over the last week – I need a serious sugar detox!).  I started my new 30+ pills a day vitamin & supplement regime (including the ever important nattokinase to prevent further blood clots).

The pain has been minimal.  So minimal that it tricks me into thinking I can go about my normal activities…  Until I do.  And then the pain starts.  Just chopping veggies for a big salad tonight brought on some twinges of pain.  So I stopped.  I know my limits and I’m not going to push them.  It’s not worth it.

Hubby has been absolutely AMAZING today.  Helping with everything.  Anticipating what needs to be done.  Playing with Miss M.  Doing 4 loads of laundry (and folding too!).  Going on a massive grocery excursion with me.  Preparing the extra bedroom for my dad’s arrival.  I joked with him, “Who are you?  What happened to my husband?  And can I keep you instead?”

I took my second real shower today since the surgery and finally had a good look at my new breasts.  What a trip.

Most of my adult life I’ve had droopy DD cups (except when I was pregnant, gained 50 lbs, and went up to a 36F!).  Now all of a sudden, I have small perky breasts.  Even though my right breast is still real, after being lifted and reduced it’s so damn perky it looks fake to me.  I haven’t measured them yet.  Plus, they’re still totally swollen – so I have no idea what the end result will be but I’m guessing I’ll have a nice set of 34B cups.  And for the first time since I was 12 I may actually be able to go bra-less!!!  Which opens up a whole new world of clothing options (hello, lil’ strappy sundress :-)

I’m still undecided about having further surgery down the road to have a fake nipple reconstructed onto my breast.  Right now it seems totally unnecessary.  But I could change my mind at some point.  Never say never.

Big shout-outs to my family (both in Massachusetts and NY) for making this surgical experience so seamless and stress free.  For taking care of me, hubby, and Miss M…  For opening your homes to us…  Feeding us…  Showering Miss M with attention and love…  Agreeing to play “doctor” or make believe “beach” with her for the umpteenth time or keeping her busy with fun activities…  And helping us get through this difficult time.

I keep saying thank you.  But thank you just doesn’t seem sufficient.  Once again my gratitude cup runneth over.  And I am reminded of the importance of community.  Of family.  Of letting go and not trying to go it alone.

Asking for and accepting help is not weak.  It’s wise.

Much love.  – T