Surgery Update

I survived yet another surgery. Hopefully it’ll be my last.

By all accounts the surgery went well. I went in to the OR around 10am on Wednesday and woke up again around 3pm (although the surgery itself only took a few hours). Upon waking I wasn’t puking all over myself like last time (thank god!) but was still nauseous for a good 24 hours. The entire team at the Beth Israel Cancer Center was friendly, helpful, and competent. And although I haven’t looked at my breasts yet, hubby has, and he says they did a really good job. Yay!

The pain has been relatively minor. Controllable with just some extra strength tylenol. Today, so far, I’ve managed with no meds at all.

They’ve got me wrapped up in a surgical bra that I wear day and night until the swelling goes down. Then eventually I guess I’ll have to go and get remeasured and by myself some new bras!

There was a bit of encapsulation on my left breast – where the skin & muscle tissue had hardened around the expander. So there was a bit more “digging” on that side to get the expander out & my implant in. This resulted in the left side being more swollen & tender than my breast reduction side. I also ended up with a drain on the left side – Which got clogged yesterday & required a quick visit with my surgeon to fix. But all is well today.

Generally, everything seems easier & less painful this time around. I’m still feeling weak, tired, groggy, and dizzy a lot but know that will fade with time. I’m also feeling a strong urge to eat more protein (which my surgeon said is normal & necessary after surgery) so I’m going with it. Don’t think I’ll be chowing down on a big steak any time soon 😉 But I did have a big piece of salmon last night for dinner.

Tomorrow hubby & I check out of Hope Lodge in Manhattan and head to Long Island to stay with family. Miss M will also be arriving tomorrow with Auntie L. Hooray!! Hubby and I are missing our little girl like crazy! I’ve got a follow-up appointment with the surgeon on Thursday. And then we’re scheduled to fly back to Ohio next weekend.

Until then, we plan on relaxing, enjoying our time together, getting out in the sunshine, taking some train rides with Miss M, and toodling around NY.

I’m still so happy with my decision to do surgery here in NY. To have such an amazing surgical team. To be in the comforts of my favorite city. To be close to family. I wouldn’t have done it any other way.

Thanks to everyone for your continued prayers, support, love, and assistance. I am so blessed to have such an amazing community of family and friends all over the world who have truly been there for me, hubby, and Miss M throughout this cancer journey. I love you all. And will forever be grateful.

Peace. -T