Joy To The World – I’m Cancer Free!!!

The beaches of Playa del Carmen where we'll be in 6 short days!

The beaches of Playa del Carmen where we’ll be celebrating in 6 short days!

For those of you not on Facebook…   We have BIG news today…  Apparently I am now CANCER FREE!!!

I am still in a state of shock.  Although it is what I willed and wished to happen, it is still a little hard to believe.

This morning I received the results of last week’s bone scan and X-rays…  And indeed they are both clean!!!   Hallelujah!  We will continue to monitor the one potentially suspicious spot from the PET scan – which could be something or nothing at all.  But Dr K says I don’t have to do another set of scans until sometime this summer.

After leaving the doctor’s office I cried big tears of joy.  I smiled at the sky.  I thanked my mom.  I took some time to go for a walk in the woods and meditate under the trees.  The birds serenaded me from above.  I tried to wrap my head around the news.

Hubby and I decided to take a family vacation to the warm sunny beaches of Mexico to celebrate.  We leave on Monday.  I can’t wait!

But my journey is not over.  I must continue to stay on track with my diet, exercise, supplements, removal of toxins and chemicals, and deep psychological and spiritual work.  This is my new life.  These things are not optional.  They are necessary if I want to keep the cancer away.

Meanwhile, I continue to seek beauty in the every day moments.  As my Aunt Dori says, “… Find the joy in an ordinary day.”  Playing in the rain with Miss M…  Making hot pink homemade playdough (which turned out great)…   Staying present…  Being mindful.

One of the little things I really look forward to each day is my morning cup of tea.  I drink Yogi brand organic chai.  And each teabag has an inspirational message on it.  I get such pleasure from reading these.

Today’s message was, “We are here to love each other, serve each other, and uplift each other.”  How beautiful.

Along those lines…  I am psyched to join forces with Eryka Peskin who is offering a free month-long program of daily inspirations called “28 Days & 28 Ways to Jumpstart Your Abundance“.  Each day during the month of February she will email a thought, tool, or exercise to help bring more abundance and inspiration into your life.  The program starts this Friday – so sign up now.  It’s going to be amazing.  And I am one of the featured guests.  (See more about Eryka and the program below).  And yes, it is FREE!

I just want to thank everyone again from the bottom of my heart for your continued support – financially and emotionally.  Thanks to all those who traveled to Ohio to help us…  To those who organized, performed at, donated items, and attended the benefits held in my honour…  To everyone who reads this blog and sends me advice and encouragement…  To all the people who continue to chant, pray, and send healing vibes my way…   It worked.  It really worked.  I didn’t do this alone.  We all did it together.

Thank you.

Much love and deep gratitude,  – T

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Playing in the rain with Miss M

Playing in the rain with Miss M

The joys of home made play-dough!!

The joys of home made play-dough!!

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  1. I am so happy for you. I enjoy reading your blog , although we never met this news brought tears to my eyes. So you go girl!!

  2. And you are not only cancer free now, you are healthier, happier, and a very positive, encouraging influence on all of us :-D! Hurray for you, Terri!

  3. I AM BEYOND WORDS RIGHT NOW…hell yes, girl!!!!!!!!!! You are cancer FREE!!!! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow! XOXO to you and your beautiful family! YOU DID IT!!!!

  4. Congratulations. This is such good news. Every time someone beats Cancer it gives hope to everyone else and the percentage of successes is going up consistantly, so there is joy for everyone. I’m very thankful for your success.

  5. We’ve never met either. Met both your parents at cons, not that they would remember me. Cried when I heard about your mom. I’ve been following you and sending vibes and am so incredibly happy to read your news.

  6. Yes yes yes yes YES!!!! Best news I’ve heard all year! I’ve so been wishing and praying for you and I’m totally dancing around with joy right now! Wonderful job forging your own unique path through this scary scary maze and emerging Victorious. ^5!

  7. I am so happy for you, Terry! What wonderful news that you are cancer free! You are a real trooper and such an inspiration….your blog is just filled with positive vibes.

  8. The best news I’ve heard in years! Thank you God, or whatever power is listening. All your actions have outweighed your fears and worries. Yes, you must continue your diet, exercise, and medical vigilance. I’m sure your husband & father also had tears of joy.
    And your mom, watching from above, praising your success. Miss M might not understand more then your happiness now, but in years you can tell her of her mom, the Warrior!

  9. YEAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! a primal scream from the bottom of my soul, I am so happy for you and your family, it is so good to know that this “monster” can be beaten, be well and
    God Bless you and yours :”)

  10. Oh Terri, I’m so pleased to hear your news! You have done such a great job and are such an inspiration. Bless you!

    PS I sure can see Jeanne cheekily grinning through Miss M in that playdough photo!

  11. This is amazing, stunning, and joyous news! Your path, your actions, and your documentation of it through this blog, are an illustration of an extraordinary, transformative journey. Life is all about making the most of what is dealt us — good and bad. You’ve provided an inspiring example of someone who has taken that to heart, and achieved — irrespective of the particulars of the outcome — spectacular success. All I can add, is keep up the good work!

  12. Simply awesome! Today will be a beautiful day for all of us sharing your joy!! To quote you – – “What!??! Metastatic Breast Cancer!!! F*#k that! ” INDEED!!!! xoxoxo

  13. BOOOO-yah!! You GO girl!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
    Blessed be the ways that have brought you to this day!! All of ’em. :)

    Enjoy the beaches in Mexico! A hard-earned family vacation — great idea!

  14. I have to say these were the absolute best words I have read in a very, very long time! Terri, I can’t even express how thrilled mike & I are for all of you! Thanks for my tears of joy this morning; you are such an inspiration for others! Have a wonderful, relaxing vacation!!! XO

  15. Tears are rolling down my face right now!!! So unbelievably happy for you and your family. There is no doubt in my mind that all of your hard work, sacrifices, determination, attitude, research, and ass-kicking spirit has got you here. Way to go Terri!! Isn’t REMISSION a beautiful word?!?!?! 2013 is going to be a better year:-)

  16. Praise the universe! I knew in my heart that if anyone could beat this it would be you. Your determination and gusto for life is too great to be beaten. This is wonderful news.

  17. I don’t know you but have been following your blog for a while now. I wanted to tell you how happy I am to hear you are cancer free. Your story is truly inspirational and I can’t wait to see where your journey takes you.

  18. AMAZING, WONDERFUL news!!!! You have been such an incredible fighter, one with so much inspiration and inner power and I am so over joyed for you and your family!! Enjoy your holiday and all the days that lie ahead!! x

  19. Just had the chance to hear the good news. Awesome. :-) Will let the wife know too–we’re keeping up the good thoughts, good karma, and finger-crossing. I guess this might be a variation of “Take care of things, and they will take care of you.”

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