Surgery Time

Tomorrow is my big surgery day.

The reality of this has been slowly sinking in since we left Ohio on Sunday. I’ve got nervous energy coursing through my veins… random twinges of discomfort in my breast… and this aching pain in the pit of my loins – like my lady parts know they’re about to lose one of their own.

Miss M and I took a 2 day long road trip from Ohio to Massachusetts – arriving at Auntie L’s house late Monday night. Auntie L, her hubby Uncle M and the rest of my family have agreed to take care of Miss M while I’m in NYC for the surgery. God bless them. This morning I had to say goodbye to her. Knowing I won’t see her for a full week (the longest we’ve ever been apart) adds more angst to my already anxiety full body. Sigh…

Thankfully I am now safely in my beloved NYC… Sitting in Astoria Park, looking out over the East River & the Manhattan skyline… Having some lunch and writing this blog. It always feels so soothing and comforting to be here. NY will always be home to me. The place I feel most comfortable. Most at ease. Most like myself.

And in 1 hour hubby arrives into Laguardia airport. And we get to spend one glorious afternoon & evening alone together in the city – wandering the streets, going out for dinner, & maybe hitting up my favorite spot – Washington Square Park – for some people watching & music. Some quality tIme to enjoy each other and enjoy the city.

Interestingly, I just received an amazing text from hubby. He said on his first flight today he sat beside a woman named Jeanne (the same name as my mom) who is a Buddhist, dancer, and writer (just like my mom) and a fan of my dad’s work. How about that for serendipitous events and reassuring messages from the Universe??!!?

I know in my heart of hearts that my mom is watching over me. That the Universe’s energy, which is in all of us, and always surrounding us, is channeling good energy my way. I feel it radiating from the pores of the Big Apple and embracing me from afar with all the love and good energy you all are sending my way.

Thanks again to everyone for your support in this journey. I am in the midst of a very difficult chapter in my life, but I know that this too shall pass – as everything does.

As my mom always said, “The only constant in life is change.”

Love to all. – T

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  1. Terri, you are one graceful woman warrior indeed! My thoughts and prayers are with you always and I think of you often as we both deal with this cancer shit. You give me so much strength in my own battle. I know you will beat this!! Much love, support, positive vibes, prayers, and strength coming your way mama:-) Now go and kick some ass!!

  2. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as you prepare for tomorrow’s surgery — and happy I can add my energy to the torrents already headed from all directions in *your* direction!

    Much love,


  3. Have no doubt tomorrow will go 100% your way! Get those puppies off and prepare for a rockin’ set of new boobs! Keep the happy thoughts of those who love you in your heart and mind and know we are all mesmerized by your strength & courage. Try to thoroughly enjoy your afternoon and night with your hubby.

  4. I’ve been a fan of your father’s books for years, though he’d been writing them for longer than I’ve been alive. I looked him up today and found your mother’s Stardancer movie site and blog. From there I found this, today of all days. It just seemed too coincidental not to comment and wish you well. :-)

    Enjoy tonight and good luck tomorrow. Best wishes for you and your family because you deserve it!

  5. It seems like I can feel Jeanne everywhere today. She is definitely keeping watch and will be looking after you, as she always is. You have done the ground work, you are ready, you will come through this surgery like a shining star. This is when all the healthy choices for body, mind and soul you have been making will be paying off big time. Smooth surgery and good, quick recovery.
    I wish I could be there with you and help out. It’s so frustrating being so far away. I’m so pleased you decided to have the surgery in NY, where you feel most grounded and at home. It can only help. Have a fun day, and plan more fun days to come!
    My thoughts and energy are with you. xo

  6. Like I said, darlin’, look for me in your anesthesia dream. I’ll be with Mom. I love you to pieces. (Amazing that Heron had that encounter on the plane! Typical Jeanne magic….)

  7. Thats awesome about your husbands plane friend… yay resonance when you need it!

    I’m going to do a special fire dance for you tonight. You’re gonna get through this just fine!

  8. Best of luck to you tomorrow and always Terri. Your strength continues to amaze us all. You are a true fighter girl! Love to you and Heron.

  9. The universe itself is clearly on your side. And even in the midst of your fear, you are still constantly thinking of others. That tells me and lots of others, you are going to be GREAT. No less.
    You are going to come through this cancer-free and enjoying life more than ever before!
    Enjoy that evening! Lee

  10. Tomorrow will be a tough day, but I believe you will have a sense of relief, like the world has been lifted off of your shoulders…I pray for a speedy recovery and I know you will do amazing! Big Hug!

  11. The others have said most of it for me… Just saying I’m with you and will be, tomorrow, and the next day and the week.

    Oh and one more thing: tell those loins they aren’t losing any part of being female; you are female in every cell of your body!

  12. Prayers and healing energy coming your way, my friend…

    I’m going through my own healing, with need for patience and hope and a sometimes frustrated feeling about them. We might have figured out why I’m fatigued so much, and now that we have that, I’m back on anti-depressants (because I realize that eliminating the fatigue doesn’t cure the depression quickly enough), and I’m reminded that one of the greatest ironies of the world is that it takes so $%#&@ing *LONG* to develop *patience*. I’m hoping that good news and healing energies are contagious, and that we’re both on a much better, healthier, happier long term path.

    (Very careful) hugs if and when you want ’em… this may not be the end of road, but it’s a very huge milestone, and I hope you realize how amazing your journey has been.

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