Finding Happiness at The Sweetest Place on Earth

Our host Cheryl, Auntie L, Auntie ‘Cole, and me loving life at Sugarland!
Photo credit: Heather Pelz

Tractoring around Sugarland.
Photo credit: Heather Pelz

Eating apples off the tree. Yum!
Photo credit: Heather Pelz

I’ve just spent the most amazing weekend with a bunch of fantastic people on a gorgeous farm on Salt Spring Island. Pure heaven.

The magic began on the journey there, when Miss M, Auntie L, Auntie ‘Cole, and I took a tiny 12-seater float plane from Vancouver to Salt Spring Island. Taking off and landing on the water… What an experience. And the views of the mountains rising up into the sky, the majestic ocean with the boats criss-crossing below us, the islands, and the sun blasting through the clouds… Wow! And then to arrive at Sugarland Farm and be greeted by the most amazing hosts… Watching Miss M run around barefoot with all the kids, playing freely, having fun… Going around the farm, picking fruit right off trees and eating it… Fresh apples, berries, plums, figs… It was like being in another world.

They call Sugarland Farm the ‘sweetest place on earth’, and I couldn’t agree more.

While I was there I had a great conversation with one of our hosts about finding happiness. Neither of them ever imagined they would be running a farm on Salt Spring Island. But they are finding such happiness there. It really speaks to them. And more importantly – speaks to what they want in life.

We spoke of how so many of us continue down a path that is not truly in line with what we want. Whether it’s choosing a certain profession or college major to please your parents… Buying lots of “stuff” because media/neighbours/friends/family (fill in the blank) say you need these things to be happy… Living in the city when you really want to be living in the country… Endlessly saying ‘yes’ to everyone’s requests when you really want to say ‘no’…

It is so important to get clear about what is important.

For our hosts, happiness was waiting in the simple pleasures of farm living. Getting back to the land. Raising a family. Living in nature. Growing their own food.

Talking on skype with hubby the other day, we agreed to get out there and have fun – now. Not to wait. To figure out what makes us happy and just do it. Not to wait till next month or next year. Do it now. Take that vacation. Get a babysitter and go out dancing. Buy a motorcycle. Spend time with people you love. Travel.

Having metastatic breast cancer has definitely taken my life in a very different direction. But I also see that it has brought me to a better place. It is forcing me to look at myself. Reevaluate my priorities. Ask the big questions. Figure out what I want. I will never say that having cancer is a gift. But i recognize how having cancer has woken me up and redirected my path in a good way.

Thank you Sugarland for the magic and the memories. And for reminding me to go after what’s important.

Peace. -T

PS – The folks at CBC mentioned that people in the US might have difficulty accessing the radio interview I did on the Fear Itself program. So if you’re having problems, here is another link to try:
CBC – Fear Itself mp3


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  1. Once again, your statement has reaffirmed the thoughts & feelings I’ve been pondering on a daily basis. Thank you for making it so simple. <3

  2. I check your blog every day with such anticipation. Reading your posts make me happy. They inspire me. I could visualize picking the fruit and eating their sun-warmed goodness. *hugs*

  3. It’s the the love that’s shared amongst friends that truly brings out the magic of this farm…and you all brought such beauty, laughter and fun to our home…for which we are truly thankful! Great to spend such time with you, Miss M and my new East Coast love, Auntie L!!!! See you soon!!!

  4. That apple picture of Miss M is beautiful! I hope you enlarge it and frame it! The other of all of you is not too bad either! It should be in a magazine. You all look great.

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