It’s Just The Little Things

The itty bitty puddle we found on our walk that was just big enough to splash in.

The last few days I’ve been feeling really great.  Lots of energy.  No major pains or aches.  Enjoying the day.  Appreciating life.

It’s a much better place to be than where I was a few weeks ago.  And I think it has a lot to do with simply enjoying life’s little moments.  Things like taking a barefoot stroll through the neighbourhood after dinner with Miss M in search of puddles to splash in (it was the first rainy day in months)…   Or a freshly vacuumed carpet…  A clean kitchen…  Getting together with friends…  And making new ones…  A gorgeous sunset – so beautiful it literally brought me to tears…  The great new therapist I’ve found…  And getting an appointment with a sought after surgeon in NYC…  I’m back to a place where I can see the beauty in the little moments.  Of course it’s a lot easier to be grateful and appreciative when you’re feeling good and not in pain…

I sent hubby a text the other morning saying, “Thank you for supporting our family and giving me the freedom to stay at home and raise our daughter and take care of my health.  I am a lucky woman and I love you dearly.”  Because I do appreciate the fact that he is a hard-working man who supports his family and I recognize that I don’t acknowledge him very often.  His response?  “Wow. Where is this coming from?”  Oh boy.  The fact that he was so surprised told me we’ve got some work to do.   We used to send each other loving texts all the time.  Not lately.  I see that between breast cancer, having Miss M, and moving all over the place we’ve definitely let our marriage fall to the end of the priority list.  But it’s time to shuffle those priorities around and get our marriage back at the top of the list.

I took a step in that direction today when I booked my trip to NYC.  With two back-to-back trips (NYC and Vancouver) Miss M and I were scheduled to be away from home (and hubby) for a whole month.  Way too long!!  So I decided rather than go straight from NY to Vancouver we would come home for a few days in between.  A small thing.  But important.

I still have my bad days.  Don’t we all?  But I’m trying hard not to focus on the negative.  On the scary stuff.  On the potential for bad things to happen.  Because we don’t really know what will happen, do we?  Instead, I choose to continue on with my life.  To have fun.  To stay open to what life has to offer.  To appreciate the beauty in everyday moments.

Because sometimes it’s the little things that keep you going.

Peace.  – T

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  1. Posts this beautiful (my God, that photo of Marisa is to live for!) are among the little things that keep ME going, darling daughter. Thank you.

  2. Deep Gratitude from Auntie Laurie as well…

    Brilliant travel plan too- critical to get your hubby/daddy fix in between-for both you. So looking forward to seeing you in New York in a little over a week!! Love you

  3. I hope you jumped in some puddles, too! I try to be sure to tell my husband of 22 years how much I appreciate him every day. He is a blessing. You are blessed with so many loved ones!

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