The Root Of It All

I know, I know…  I’ve been slacking on the blog front lately.  But only because I’ve been so busy traveling, visiting family & friends, and saying thank you to so many of the folks that are supporting me on this crazy cancer journey.  It’s all good stuff.

I say this because my aunt and I were just talking about how we get scared when other metastatic breast cancer bloggers slow down with their posts.  It’s happened one too many times now…  where the posts start dwindling and then you find out the person got super sick, the cancer came back, or they passed away.   Life is very fragile – especially when you’re a woman with stage 4 breast cancer.  So we get worried when we haven’t heard from each other in a while.

But no need to worry about me.  I’m doing great.  Feeling strong and healthy.  Having a terrific time out East with all my favorite people.  This past week has been so chock-full of memorable moments and good times that I don’t even know where to start.

Let’s see…  There was the amazing Crosby, Stills & Nash concert in Providence Friday night (complete with limo ride, cocktails, and great company)…  Miss M’s first sleepover slumber party at her buddy Jilli’s house (which when asked what she did at the sleepover, Miss M proudly exclaims, “I sleeped!”)…  The much needed days at the beach, meditating on the movement of the ocean’s waves, and watching Miss M frolic in the sand…  Miss M’s much anticipated ride on Auntie M’s new horsie Luna…  And the great party for my cousin’s high school graduation that allowed me to not only celebrate him but also to say thanks in person to so many of the people who were at my Massachusetts benefit and who have supported me through this…  People like Lindsay – the fabulous young woman who ran the Boston Marathon in my honour a few months ago and whom I had coffee with this morning.  A total stranger who is now someone I hope to call a friend.  And her incredible fundraising efforts that were matched by her company – OnProcess Technology – and their generous soul of a CEO, Ed Barry…  And then there was Miss M’s Brazilian Birthday BBQ party yesterday (her 3rd birthday party since her actual birthday on May 28th!).  Just having the opportunity to be with my closest peeps, to feed them, and thank them for all they’ve done.  To laugh and smile.  To create new memories.  To take joy in our children – the next generation – watching them grown and their connections develop.  And to connect with new family members who are entering into the picture.

This trip has re-solidified my (and hubby’s) desire to eventually move back East.  This is where we belong.  I know somehow, someway, we’ll get back here and be closer to the family and our roots.

In the meantime, it’s back to Ohio tomorrow.  Which of course is bitter-sweet.  It’ll feel good to get back into the routine.  Miss M is psyched to see her friends and sleep in her own bed.  My body is craving my daily dose of green juice.  But we’re going to miss our NY & Massachusetts peeps so much.

Until next time…

Peace.  – T

PS – No, I haven’t forgotten that today is Father’s Day.  I made sure to have both my dad and hubby here with me in Massachusetts today so we could all celebrate together.  But we’ll save the ode to the “father’s” in my life for another post on a different day…

Miss M horseback riding with Luna. She’s a natural on the saddle!

Beach time at beautiful Round Hill – where I spent most of my summers as a kid.

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  1. Glad to get your latest post, and hear that you’re doing well. Best wishes to you and all your family, including your Dad, whose work I admire.

    Carl Rosenberg
    Vancouver, Bc

  2. Thanks for the beautiful pictures! So glad you have been able to be with family and friends this past while, and having so much fun. — Much love to you and all your family — John

  3. so good to hear from u – i have been worried – gald to hera a move back east may be in the future….. lets defo get togetehr this time… big hugs xxxxx

  4. I was a little worried, too, so am glad to hear that you were so busy with delightful stuff! You remind me to appreciate the important people and events in my own life. We are not dying – we are *living!*

  5. A really, really bad band has taken up residence in a garage near you. I need to go say hello before the essence of the east coast leaves you. You will always be missed, wherever you go, because you are loved and appreciated. I’m so glad you had such a good trip. You are amazing.

  6. Hi,
    Just found out about your situation by stopping in on your father’s website for the first time in months. While you are here in Chicago, visiting the Block center, you may want to double your opinions and also see a Chinese doctor who is western trained. His specialty has been working with cancer for years and he is famous within the Chicago alternative medicine community for his expertise. His web site (this page is his bio) is:
    Glad to hear of your continued fight and progress, even better that your dad is sharing the joy of it.
    -Alan Salmi

    • Thanks Alan! I will check out the website. I’ve been implementing some chinese medicine tactics on my journey and found them to be pretty amazing so far. Would love to meet with someone well versed in that world. Cheers. – Terri

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