Feeling The Vibe

Miss M frolicking in the fountain at Washington Square Park

Where do I even begin???

My beloved New York City…  This city is such a whirlwind of energy.  It just sucks you up into it.  It’s been non-stop fabulous fun since Miss M and I arrived into Laguardia airport Thursday morning.

Since then we’ve hung out at Washington Square Park, reunited with family and friends, took a side trip to Port Jefferson (on Long Island), attended an amazing baby shower for my cousin upstate, and today – the icing on the cake – a purely joyful afternoon at Coney Island for Miss M’s NY birthday celebration.

It brings so much joy to my heart seeing how Miss M loves being here too…  Settling into the vibe of the city…  Dancing her ass off to the house music on the boardwalk at Coney Island…  Yabbering on about all the different subway trains she wants to ride…  She is a New Yorker.  She was born here.  It will always have a piece of her soul.  As it does mine.

Being back here in the big apple feels so good.  Unlike my last visit in December, when I was exhausted and in pain from the cancer (before I started treatment), this time around I feel healthy and strong.  I’m able to keep up with the city.  I’ve got energy and stamina.

The days have been a long string of happy moments and feel good vibes.  I keep saying, “Why would you live anywhere else?”

Thank you NY for bringing me so much joy.  For allowing me to forget about the cancer for a few days.  For sparking a light inside Miss M and putting a smile on her face.  For providing the perfect backdrop for life to unfold.  I love you NY!

Peace.  – T

The shores of Coney Island

The gritty beauty of the beach at Coney Island

“Grandpa” and the Wonder Wheel at Coney Island

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  1. Great pictures! So happy you’re having such enormous fun! And that Ferris Wheel — my heavens! It rivals the one in my imagination —

    “And there in front of us is the eighth wonder of the world… And folks
    thought the Eiffel Tower was an eyeful… It could only have been
    invented by the Father of His Country with the help of Dorothy of the
    Wizard of Oz, and it is physical proof of Miss M’s Grandpappy’s adage that
    God is an Iron (or at least ferrous in some sense) —


    Let’s all climb into into the waiting gondola, we don’t need to be urged forward
    with several well-placed shoves from the capacious carpetbag in the left
    hand of Mary Poppins (who somehow seems to have materialized behind us in the queue). Each of the thirty six gondolas contains forty stools, with room
    for an additional twenty people to stand; if it were fully loaded it
    might hold more than half the population of Halifax… Right now
    it contains a demure lady dressed in black trimmed with gold, a distinguished
    news reporter who is a fraternity brother of the inventor, as well as
    the inventor’s uncle Nathan, who had introduced popcorn to England in
    1846 by making some for Queen Victoria and Prince Albert… and the
    INVENTOR HIMSELF… The Axle is visible above and behind them — the
    largest piece of steel ever forged to that time. No sooner have they
    entered than the car sweeps forward and up, and the ascent to 266 feet
    above the ground begins…”

    Have a glorious time in your favourite city!

    Much love to you and all your family,


  2. You know, I’ve never known that love of a place, but then, that makes it that much more delightful to know someone who does, and is there. I’m glad you’re happy, and hoping the happiness continues!

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