An Ode to Bowen

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…  I am amazed at the love and generosity that continues to pour my way.  And I am SO full of gratitude.

Two weeks from now there will be another benefit for me.  This time on Bowen Island.  Check out the poster (the one that says “ass”- don’t you love it??) and the facebook page.  It will be at the Royal Canadian Legion on Saturday May 26th at 7pm.

It’s a chance for folks to get together, have fun, listen to great music, have a drink or two (or three!), show their support for me and my dad, and hopefully dance (cuz that’s how my mom would have wanted it).  It looks like it will be a truly awesome event.  I have to give a big shout-out to Caroline Goodson-Parker who is spearheading the whole thing.  She was the first mommy friend I made on Bowen.  And she is a tour-de-force!

Bowen Island is a special place.  Rumour has it that the Island has healing properties.  I believe it.  When hubby and I moved there at the end of 2009 we had no idea what to expect.  We weren’t sure if we were coming on a temporary excursion or sticking around for the long haul.  But coming from New York City we knew it was gonna be a shock to our systems.

What we found there was a genuine community.  A bunch of really friendly people who look out for one another.  A sense of pride.  Untouched rainforest and beaches everywhere.  Hubby and I even had a ocean view from our deck.  It was glorious!  My parents knew that Bowen was special.  That’s why they moved there.  And I couldn’t think of a better place for them to have settled down.

When my mom was diagnosed with biliary cancer in 2009 the entire island came out to support us.  An amazing benefit was orchestrated.  Special healthy cancer fighting meals were prepared and delivered – constantly.  Helpful books were dropped off.  Support was offered in every which way imaginable.  And now to see the island coming out yet again to rally behind my family is unbelievable.  The love and support just never ends.

So THANK YOU Bowen Island!!  Thank you to Caroline, Kathrine, Sam, and my dad (and everyone else involved) for putting this fabulous evening together…  Thank you David Crosby and Graham Nash for your incredible donations…  Thank you to everyone who donated items for the silent auction…  Thank you Auntie Nicole for spreading the word on the mainland…  Thank you to all the musicians and bands who agreed to perform…  Thank you to the good ol’ Royal Canadian Legion for hosting us…  Thank you to everyone who bought tickets…

Sometimes I feel like a broken record of thanks.  But I want everyone to know how much I appreciate what you do for me.  How all of your encouraging words, helpful tips, financial help, care and concern really helps to keep me afloat.  It helps me believe in the inherent goodness of the world.  To remember that genuine communities (like Bowen and my new hometown in Ohio) still do exist.  Fills me with hope and gives me the strength I need to fight for my life.  Together we can do it!

Peace.  – T

The View From Our Deck on Bowen Island


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  1. how i miss wonderful bowen to – it truly is a wonderful place- like u say a place to heal… one day we will be back for good i hope it….much love terri xxx

  2. Can’t wait to meet and personally thank all the fabulous Mommies and Robinson/daSilva supporters (especially you Caroline!), when I piggy back on trip #4 to the magical island of Bowen. As my sister Jeanne always said, “Words can’t reach it”.
    Love, Laurie

  3. Terri…I am amazed by your spirit and strength. Kudos to the people of Bowen Island and hello to my special friends who live there.

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