Make Lemonade

What a fantastic weekend!!

The fabulous Auntie L returned on Friday for another week long helping visit.  Yay!  And hubby and I took off to Cincinnati on Saturday for an overnight adventure to celebrate our 9 year wedding anniversary (the NY City Hall 2 minute wedding – not the spiritual ceremony in San Francisco).  This was our first night away (together) from Miss M since she was born almost 3 years ago.  A much needed opportunity to reconnect and remember why we love each other.  A reaffirmation of our commitment to one another and our life together.  And of course, a chance to sleep in late, order room service, and eat breakfast in bed.  Amen!

With each day that passes I am learning more and more about the limits of my new life and body.  I realize that I can’t handle the same amounts of activity…  or booze…  or rich food that I used to…  The Pinot Grigio and chocolate cake I had last night left me feeling crappy in a way that almost makes it not worth the few moments of pleasure it gave me.  I am trying to establish my new normal.  Figuring out how far I can push things and still feel good.

Even with metastatic breast cancer I’m still enjoying life.

Maybe things aren’t as awful as we imagine them to be.  Life in Ohio ain’t all that bad.  Not nearly as awful as I thought it might be.  Stage 4 breast cancer?  Yeah, it sucks a lot of the time.  But it hasn’t made my life totally awful.

Maybe it’s really about what you make of the turmoil and not the turmoil itself.  Shit happens to everyone.  Life has lots of sucky moments.  But life only becomes truly awful if we allow it to be.

I will not allow it.  Just use your lemons to make lemonade.

Peace.  – T

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  1. Cheers my friend!! So glad you and Heron got to get away and spend some qt together. It is important to find the time no matter what!! Enjoy your week w Auntie L. Hugs xoxo

  2. Well stated, Terri.
    As someone who has lived with chronic illnesses for almost thirty years I can tell you that you’ve caught on very quickly. Life may not be what you dreamt or thought it would be but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good life. Just different and more challenging.
    Attitude is everything and in that sense you are and have been a true inspiration to me.
    For this I thank you. Keep up the good work!

  3. You are Inspirational! Courageous! & Empowering! Hi Terri, you might not remember me, but it’s Margaret T from Halifax.Wow, it’s been years!! And just now I happened to read about your dad in Macleans and it mentioned you and your blog. I immediatly went on your blog and I can only say that I’m so touched by your strength and outlook on your condition and the struggles you’re going through, that I had to send you a note to say,
    My thoughts are with you & your family. I’m sending you positive energy and healthy wishes – I hope this finds you and that your treatment & recovery goes quickly & smoothly.
    Thinking of you,
    All the best,
    Margaret T

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