Blazing Glory

I am still reveling in the glorious beauty and love of last night’s benefit.  What an amazing success!

The Graceful Woman Warrior Committee went all out and orchestrated one seriously kick-ass party.  How do I know?  Because I got to be there – even though I was in Ohio – thanks to modern technology.  Yay – Skype!  My own impromptu Ohio house party got to be a part of the big Massachusetts party.  We heard the music…  Saw the dancing…  Chatted with the people…  Shared some laughs (and some red wine)…  It was a beautiful thing.

Of course I have to throw out a BIG THANKS to the entire GWW committee who busted their asses to make sure the party was a success.  You guys rocked it!  You freely gave your time, energy, inspiration, and love to create the best party ever.  So I say, if cancer is the price I have to pay –  the cross i have to bear – to reap the blessings of having such a gracious, thoughtful, and caring circle of family and friends, then so be it.

If you get right down to it, aren’t relationships and personal connections really what make life worth living?  Spending time with someone you care about…  Watching your children grow and learn…  Feeling the dizzying intensity of new love…  Exchanging ideas…  Lending a helping hand…  It’s all based on connection and relationships.

The number of connections I’ve made since being diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer a mere 3 months ago still blow me away.

Being my mother’s daughter I naturally seek out and make connections wherever I go.  I value the relationships I develop with everyone I meet.  I believe that every person I encounter has something to teach me.

Now this actually makes the outpouring of love a bit tricky for me – because I truly want to connect with each and every one of you.  I receive so many touching cards, messages, and posts but never have the energy or time to respond the way I want to.  Not that I feel obliged to respond (I know ya’ll are understanding folk and not expecting a response) – but just cuz I wanna do it.  Because there’s nothing I love  more than connecting with people. (Gee, I guess that explains why I became a social worker!)

So thank you to my family, my friends, all the people that attended the benefit last night, and all those that continue to support me from afar.  My gratitude cup runneth over.

Interestingly enough, at my reiki session today (the second with my darling new reiki therapist) we had a little chat after the session and she mentioned that she just doesn’t get a “sickness” vibe from me.  In the past she’s felt other people’s illness while doing work on them and is often called on for her intuition with these things…  And with me, the stage 4 cancer energy isn’t coming through.  Who knows?!?!!  Guess we’ll see when I get my next scan.

In the meantime, I will continue to blaze my glorious trail of healing, wellness, and connection.

Take that cancer!   – T

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  1. Last night was absolutely amazing!! I’m still smiling from ear to ear over the generous outpouring of support. To see friends, family and a community come together to honor you was quite beautiful. Glad you were able to share the experience with us via Skype…. that was pretty freaking cool. Cancer doesn’t realize who its messing with. Hugs and kisses

  2. It certainly was an awesome night. It was great to Skype with you and what a turn out indeed. You are deeply loved Terri! Looking forward to seeing you in person real soon. Much love!


  3. Daniel and I had a really great time at the benefit Friday night. IT was filled with emotions from all levels, and we shared tears and joy in so many instances. Cancer has a way of bringing truth to the forefront, and you are so right with your insight about relationships and people being what is important in life. I really hope we get to know you better and can make some memories together. Friday night the Skype experience was great, I felt like you were in the room with us all. SOOOO cool!! You look great, and your energy shines through. I love to hear how you are caring for yourself so well(in your blog) And you definitely are your mother’s daughter, and I love how you are embracing that in your life. She was a very strong woman!! So carry her with you…

  4. Cancer certainly concentrates the mind on what’s important – great you had such a lovely party, Terri, and that you have such loving friends. In my own brush with cancer, I too came to understand what a blessing this time can be when approached in the right way. It can be life changing in a good way, as you are discovering :)

    Keep doing what you’re doing – love your blog.

  5. Terri,

    Found my way here via your dad’s website. As a licensed massage therapist in Arizona, I’m glad to see you’re keeping up on your bodywork, and that you’re getting such a positive response from your reiki practitioner. Best of luck to you in your fight, and don’t forget to keep your oncologist in the loop for any alternative medicine options you choose to explore.

    Scottsdale AZ

  6. I just came across your blog. I will definitely be coming by more often..
    Please stop by mine if you like. There are many women who are very passionate about Metastatic Breast Cancer….

    Alli xx

  7. Terri, there is nothing I can say that you or anyone else hasn’t already said….. Only that I think and pray for you, Heron and your beautiful Marissa each & every day.
    Keep fighting and being as strong as you are….if anyone can dis cancer, it’s you!!!!
    The benefit was incredible and having you “there” is what made it. The gww committee headed by the driving force of your aunt couldn’t have been more passionate about doing something to help and will do it again if we need to!

    Much love,

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