I Am Not A Statistic

As Vivian just reminded me…  I am not a statistic.  The rules don’t always apply.

My proof?  I successfully kept my white blood cell count high enough to do chemo this week – without any help from pharmaceuticals.  Yay!  Take that!

And the kicker?  I managed to do it while fighting a cold AND having chemo the previous week!  Mind you, it was not a perfect score…  I needed 2,000 – and I was only up to 1,900.  But apparently that was good enough.  And I am learning to embrace good enough.

One of the nurses said it’s extremely difficult to make it through chemo without any help from the white blood cell boosters (Nuelasta, Leukine, or Neupogen).  But I’m determined to make it happen!  I will find the perfect balance between eastern and western medicine to help me kick some serious cancer ass!

In my appointment with my Oncologist today he confirmed that he could no longer feel the tumors in my left breast!  It’s insane.  Something that was over 6cm big only 2 months ago is now reduced to scar tissue.  Of course we have to wait till April when I do my next set of scans to know the whole story.  But I told Dr. K I’m going to be his miracle patient.  He just smiled as he always does and said something along the lines of, “I would love that”.

So here’s to miracles!  Big and small.  They do happen.

Peace.  – t

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    • I’m one of the 1/700 males who eventually get diagnosed with breast cancer. It happened when I was fifteen, and I remember being in the hospital amazed by the flight of Apollo 8 and determined to see humans go to the moon and beyond. Somehow my immune system beat it back; but then I turned up with juvenile onset of another tongue twister of a disease from which, statistically speaking, nobody gets out alive at age 40. I’m not a statistic. I’m still here. I grew up to design space probes with James Powell and Bob Forward, became friends with Arthur Clarke and met Spider Robinson, and was even well enough to ride submersibles down to the Titanic a couple of times. I have a close friend who was diagnosed with spinal cancer and about 15 years ago when it began spreading into his heart, a doctor told him to go into hospice and give up. Giving up hope should not be in our vocabulary. My friend Doug is still here. The cancer has been in remission without trace for years. Doug and I both share the the experience of having gotten better … but our doctors died. – – Charles Pellegrino

      • Love it!!! Thanks for sharing. Made me chuckle that you guys persevered while the doctors are now gone… These are the stories I hold on to in my fight. You keep me going and restore my faith. Here’s to many many more years!

      • I would not say that doctors deserve such fates. Mine was very caring but was felled by a sudden heart attack. Doug’s doctor, on the other hand, who told him to give up hope, should have found another profession; for he was at best a few arches short of an aquaduct. – – Charlie Pellegrino

  1. Yes they do!! And with thoughts, prayers and support coming to you from all over…it will happen. Keep up that positive attitude! Cheers to you.

  2. So great to hear this news.

    Keep kicking this cancer’s butt! You are an inspiration.

    Nothing but positive thoughts coming to you from Vancouver, Terri!

    Patsy (from high school) xo

  3. Terri I’ve never met you but I’ve been a fan of your father’s writing as long as I’ve been able to read, and when I heard about your illness through his blog I just had to reach out. I’ve been following your journey, silently cheering, marvelling at your strength and it’s true..you are not a statistic, you’re an amazing woman warrior, a miracle and a great role model. I love your positive energy, your determination and your strong spirit and I do believe you will kick this cancer to the curb. I’m rooting for you! Love and hugs <3

  4. Dear Terri Luanna,

    I pray for your miracle every day, as do many folks here in Halifax and, as you know, around the world. Much love to you and your whole family.


  5. A friend who survived breast cancer posted this on her FB page….

    Cancer Cannot…
    Cancer isn’t prejudice, it doesn’t discriminate from me to you; It changes life in one split second, But here’s what it cannot do; It cannot take our courage or strength, our willingness to p…ersevere; It can’t take our spirit or faith, Our hope that a cure is near. It cannot take our persistence or patience, Our ability to walk with pride; It can’t take our self respect, As we fight for every stride. It cannot take our sights, or dreams, Our wishes it cannot shatter; It can’t take our memories, Our account for what truly matters. It cannot take our integrity or mind, Our willingness to feel alive; It can’t take our continuous prayer, Our belief that we will survive….

  6. That is more awesome than I can possibly say. I hope that this becomes, for you, like fibromyalgia – doesn’t kill you before you hit old age, with most days comfortable and fun.

  7. Amazing! You are out there, soaking up life and spreading the positivity that comes your way. What you are doing takes more strength than anyone should ever have to put forth, and somehow you still have some left for others- even after facing the challenges of being a mom daily. You ARE kicking cancers ass, by turning it into an experience that you will survive. Never give up.

  8. Glad to hear you’re doing better, and hope your family is, too. Your parents’ books have always been an inspiration to me in my personal spiritual journey and mental healing, so it is with gratitude to them that I offer you my most fervent wishes of good health, serenity, and many long years of happiness with your family on this plane before you move peacefully to the next. If you have need of anything I can provide, even if it is only healing energy and love, it is yours for the asking! Feel free to contact me at any time…I promise that you will remain high on my list of priorities for as long as needed! Loving you, sister!

  9. None of us know how long we have, so as far as I can figure, it’s what we do with what we’ve got that matters – and I love your approach! Thoughts and wishes coming your way for you and your family.

  10. I’ll continue my prayers, Terri, that the winds of blessing carry victory unto your hands.

    I’ve had many family and friends fight the dreaded C-monster. Some prevailed, some did not. Happily today, there are many more victories than losses than there were even ten years ago. I know it is not an easy battle.

  11. Terri,
    Just came home from the benefit. I cannot believe the number of people who were there! It was absolutely a success. Saw you on skype and you look wonderful! Your Aunt Laurie, Peg V, and so many others did an amazing job pulling this all together. Its a happy exhaustion! !!!! You are destined to be the”miracle patient.” So many people are praying for you. FIGHT ON!!

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