Choose Well

First of all big THANKS goes out to everyone who offered parenting advice and reassurance from my last blog entry.  I have taken a lot of what was said to heart.  I am applying the wisdom I’m gaining.  Things are getting a bit easier.

In other news…  My damn cold is back!  Miss M and I are both sick.  Again.  Will it ever end?!??

Despite the yucky cold, today was actually a beautiful day.  Miss M was in a great mood (I think largely because of the undivided attention from hubby and me all day long).  Plus, hubby and I got a few moments to chat and connect – and of course bust some dance moves with Miss M.  It was good ol’ fashioned quality family time without stepping foot outside the house.

I also had a tremendous experience today at Harmony Farm.  I went for another Reiki session in my quest to naturally and holisitically boost my immune system (so I won’t have any more delays in my treatment and hopefully no more colds either!)  My reiki practitioner and I immediately bonded.  She too was handed a terminal diagnosis (doctors told her she had 3 months to live) but she said, “No way!”   And years later she’s alive and well – thanks to her kick-ass attitude and a whole bunch of holisitic treatments and eastern medicine.

Our reiki session was intense and healing – for both of us.  I was amazed at the internal shift I felt energetically when she placed her hands in different positions over my body.  Way more intense than any other reiki session I’ve had before.  I immediately signed up for more.

I am still determined to explore every possible option to do this naturally.  Reiki…  Acupuncture…  Chinese medicine…  (I actually scheduled a session with an acupuncturist and chinese medicine specialist for later this week)…  Chiropractic…  Guided imagery…  Meditation…  Vitamins & supplements…  Exercise…  Diet…

Put it all together and cancer doesn’t stand a chance!

Even when it seems life is backing you into a corner you always have a choice.  I cannot control the fact that I have cancer.  But I can control how I deal with it.  I can choose not to let it ruin my life.  I can choose to keep on living in spite of it.

It’s your life.  Choose well.

With love,  – T


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  1. What incredible words of wisdom! A nurse who works with me, and also boards a horse with Trigger and I, does Reike. I was skeptical about it , until she used it on me. Now I’m a firm believer!

  2. You got that right Terri- and you are putting it all together- gracefully, heart-fully, spiritually, determinedly. And so are we- with every ounce of our being- we are with you, behind you. loving you every step of the way.

  3. Your attitude alone should kick this cancer’s bum bum (that is what my two year old calls it!)!! You are amazing! Stay strong and keep doing what feels right!! Pulling for you and praying for you always!!!

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  5. Like Donna, I’m pleased you’ve found a great Reiki practitioner who you trust and get along with. This is a great post – courageous, open, determined. If anyone deserves to get through this very difficult situation, you do.

    Anyway, I’ve added this post to my top ten Reiki blog posts this month.

  6. Hi Terri,
    Your dad’s mailing list spread word of your circs. I send my greetings and good wishes, and this—my sister-in-law is about a 10-year survivor, also diagnosed at an advanced stage, and she has done counseling.

    As she puts it—
    ” …and yes, I still mentor/LISTEN/encourage breast cancer patients, so feel free to give my phone and/or email.”

    When she was diagnosed, her boys were teenagers, so not exactly your situation, as mentioned somewhere here. She is someone I like a lot. Real good egg. If you would like to talk to her, shoot me an email and I’ll give you her emaii and phone.

    Be well!

  7. You’re right! Sounds like you’ve put together an unbeatable combo. I remember when I first started ‘buying into’ the mind-body connection, and it was upon hearing the story of Garrett Porter, a young 9-year-old with an inoperable brain tumor. Remember this famous case? It was when visualization for cancer was relatively young–and what a story it was. Check it out for an inspiring review at–and see how far we’ve come.

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