Tap Into The Abundance

Wow!  What an intense couple of days!

First, I have to admit it’s been a bit of an adjustment flying solo this week.  I realized that if I am gonna be in treatment for the long haul, I will need to hire some help.  Although everyone’s been great about flying out to Ohio to help, we all know this can’t go on forever.  And taking care of myself, the day-to-day household stuff, and a 2 year old is totally exhausting!

It doesn’t help matters that Miss M now seems to be getting the infamous cold that has been passed around the family.  She’s been cranky as all hell this week.  Tantrums for every single little thing.  I mean everything.

Then – a miracle…  Today Miss M and I had a beautiful day together.  No tantrums.  Just enjoying quality time at the park, listening to the birds sing, playing on the see-saw…  A nice lunch at Bakehouse (again!)…  And a giddy kitchen dance party with old school tracks like De La Soul’s Me, Myself, and I…  Classic! …  Miss M and I were striking poses and doing yoga moves and laughing it up.

And the little miracles have been aplenty the last few days.  All stemming from the outpouring of love, concern, and support I continue to receive.  It is never ending.  Each day brings another amazing email, blog comment, gift, card, thoughtful package in the mail, or generous donation.

This is a taste of what i’m talking about…

My girlfriend Liz in NYC who sent me the most delicious (and healthy) chocolate I have ever tasted in my life.  Everyone MUST try it!  The company is Rox Chox – based out of Portland, Oregon…  And then there are the books that folks keep sending me – Thank you to whoever it was that sent the book Between Me and the River: Living Beyond Cancer: A Memoir – (There was no note in the Amazon box!)…  And for the stranger from Bowen who sent me the blessing, “For a Friend, On the Arrival of Illness” written by John O’Donohue – I took some of the questions to my meditation session today…  Amazing…  And to the fabulous staff at Miss M’s preschool – Overfield– who sent a touching card and informed me that Miss M’s tuition for the remainder of the school year would be taken care of – Hello!!!  This card actually generated tears – not a common occurrence with me…  And then there was my close west coast friend Lisa Marie Bhattacharya, RHN who took an hour out of her busy schedule to give me a free nutrition session and clear up a number of questions I had about my diet (which deserves its own special blog).

Just when you think the outpouring of love couldn’t get any bigger…  It does.

On Wednesday alone, I had over 1,600 hits on my blog!  It took me almost 2 hours to go through all the emails and messages.  After my dad posted about my situation on his site (spiderrobinson.com) and it appeared on boingboing the science fiction community and über intellectuals came out to support my cause – Big time!

Then I hear from my good friends on Bowen Island that they want to plan a benefit for me – Another benefit!!!  For me??!!?  And these people, in a community of around 3,000 people, who just 2 years ago rallied to help my mom during her battle with cancer, still have enough energy and love to take up the rally once again.

This has all gone way beyond what I imagined it could be.  And it reminded me of the importance of believing in abundance.  It does exist.

There is enough love for everyone.  If you are open to it, and ready to embrace it, the love is always there.

So it is my goal to share all this love I receive – with the rest of the world – through my actions and through my words.  If my blog puts a smile on someone’s face or gives somebody something new to think about or offers a reminder about the lessons we all so easily forget in the daily madness then I feel I’m working towards my goal.

This is my new challenge – the challenge for all of us…   To acknowledge and receive love and abundance and then put it back out there into the world.

Deep gratitude to each and every one of you.  Let’s keep the love flowing.  – T

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  1. Terri Luanna,
    I head about your fight through a friend and fellow fan of your father’s and mother’s writings through a group we both belong to in the online world of Secondlife. I wanted to tell you that word of your fight is spreading, and we are all sending our love and hope for a speedy recovery to you! My grandmother won a battle against lung cancer a couple of years ago when the doctor told her to go straight to hospice care. She was told that she wouldn’t live to see Christmas that year, and she’s still around 5 years later at age 86. When I told her of your fight she said to tell you that she wants you to fight hard and not give up. Her exact words were “I wanna see her be another survivor!” Our family sends our hope and love for you. *Huggs*

  2. Terri, your indomitable wisdom continues to astound me…
    Funny, at our GWA dinner last night (everyone sends oodles of love), the resounding opinion of all is that it’s time to hire some help!!! Great minds think alike!
    The girls had a few ideas of where/who to tap into-number one being the AMAZING folks at Overfield. Clearly, their loving energy flows out to their own networks which must possess a young person eager to make some extra money while at the same time, receiving the gift of working for you.
    I love you sweetie and promise to acknowledge and receive love and abundance and put it back out there.
    I’ll begin by offering deep gratitude for you…

  3. Terri, you are an amazing woman, really!!! You inspire me daily and I want to thank you for that. You have such a way of putting your thoughts into word that every type of individual reading your blog understands. I learn something from your message each time you share, so don’t stop sharing!

    We’re up to our elbows in benefit planning and couldn’t be more excited for all of the love and suppport people have shown. It ‘s truly is amazing!

    Looking forward to our next gww meeting at Auntie Laurie’s this coming week, hoping to skype!!
    Much love….

  4. Terri,just letting you know i have you in my thoughts daily .Stay strong ,and fight hard i know you can be this.Good vibes being sent from Nantucket xo Peace Michael

  5. i have a beautiful image of u and Miss M dancing away in the kitchen- she ws always such a mover- juts like her mom!
    great news about a possible Bowen benefit
    much love x

  6. So happy for you, and amazed at all the love and support out there. There is hope for the human race after all….. by the way, I baked your blueberry buns last night-they didn’t come as good as yours, but at least they’re edible! lots of love and prayers, M.

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