That Damn Cold!!

That damn cold has had me in such a funk these last few days!  I blame it for everything!  My days without exercise…  The cravings for sugary and empty carb treats…  Not finding time for meditation or guided imagery…  And for giving me this big ol’ case of the “blahs”.  Thank god it’s on its way out…  Good ridence!!!

So today I went in for my weekly blood check and chat with the Dr K.  And the damn cold terrorized my white blood counts as well.  Of course.  Last week I was at 9,600.  This week I’m down to 1,400.  I need to be around 2,000 to do chemo.

My doctor said we’ll test again tomorrow morning to see if things change (gotta love the fact that he’s even willing to consider that I could boost it up in less than 24 hrs!!).  If the counts stay too low, we’ll just do the Herceptin and skip everything else (including the monthly Zometa I’m supposed to get this week).  And then proceed with treatment next week after giving my immune system a chance to rest and recoup.

A part of me totally thinks I can boost my white blood count by 600 overnight.  Let’s do this!

I finally got motivated to squeeze in some exercise again today…  Scarfed down a bunch of raw veggies…  Threw in a few extra vitamins and supplements…  Did some serious meditation and visualization (and plan to do more in the morning)…  And I’m gonna hit the sack early tonight and try to get some more of that restorative sleep going on.

We’ll see if it works.

I’ll let ya’ll know tomorrow.  – T

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  1. If you’re reading this now (11:47 p.m. Halifax time) — you should be in bed sleeping! If it’s over breakfast, though, that’s fine — and I hope the white blood cell count has taken my stern advice and marched right back up to where it ought to be!

    Much leukocyte-lifting love,


  2. postive thoughts sent your way -fingers crossed your count will be up, hope the sleep works- best thing for u hun x

  3. T- if anyone can boost their white blood cell count in 24 hours, it’s you!! Stay strong and Happy Valentine’s Day! Love to you and your family!!

  4. Sending you love and positive energy and prayer from the wet coast…. :) you can do 600….we know you can! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your family Terri!

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