Forging On

Never a good idea to tempt fate.  Everyone around me (including hubby) got a cold over the last week and I, on more than one occasion, commented, “Oh – how interesting that everyone but the cancer patient has a cold!”…  Then of course 3 days later, I too, got the cold.  You wanna get cocky??  Take that.  Now I’m trying to be as vigilant as possible about taking my vitamins and supplements and immune boosting potions and foods.  I cannot let my white blood cell count drop again.

Interesting how magnified everything becomes when you have cancer.  Suddenly, that little harmless cold is a menacing force dictating important decisions about your life.

But despite the menacing cold, I continue to forge on – getting stuff done (new therapist – check…  seminar on the benefits of acupuncture and Chinese medicine – check…  figure out how to tie a head scarf – check), continuing my healing rituals, and creating more fabulous memories…

All week my darling auntie D has been here with the family (the most recent in the friends & family brigade).  It’s so interesting having my aunties come back-to-back, one after another…  Seeing the different energies each of them brings and having the chance to spend time with them one on one…  Proactive and indulgent Auntie L…  Nature loving and mater-of-fact Auntie M…  And now laid back and youthful Auntie D (who was the perfect person to have around for the monumental “hair cutting party”)…  Their visits have helped me (and Miss M and hubby) on so many levels.  And we’ve created so many more moments of joy from our time together…    I really do come from an amazing lineage of strong and compassionate women.  What a gift.

So Auntie D leaves tomorrow.  And after that – hubby and I are on our own for 1 WHOLE WEEK.  Oh lord!  Maybe this is a good thing…  It’ll be the first week we’ve been without a house guest since this whole thing started back in November.  I think we can handle it.  We’ll just have to call on our local resources here in Ohio.  Chemo went by without a hitch this week.  Hopefully next week will be the same.  Nice and easy.

Sending peace and love to everyone.  – T


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  1. You and hubby so have this my love.
    And how fitting that you now personify all the gifts your female lineage has passed on…
    Remember my phenomenal niece, your loving woman warriors will continue to guide, nourish, and protect….

  2. You are so, so right when you say that you “really do come from an amazing lineage of strong and compassionate women.”

  3. Great news on the white blood cell count! Keep staying positive! I’m Muslim, and I wondered if you’d like some more pretty scarfs to wear? Do you have a favorite color? I have a ton of them (hijabs) plus some really pretty pins to pin them securely. You can contact me through my e-mail. I’m sending you prayers for your strength, your concentration, your health and your hard work to bring you through this. May God or whatever power you place your faith in hold it tight and send it back to you one-million-fold with golden beams of healing light bathing your body in health and radiance, freedom from pain, and that nice tingly feeling you get after a good massage!
    With love from a stranger who is also a survivor…24 years and counting

  4. Hey sista warrior, i read your blog and feel like we live in the same body! I though have to say i never think of the “risks” of chemo, but how its like chuckie cheese and i am just getting more tokens in the game of life! In a strange sort of way I feel lucky some people pass and never get do those last minute things! Unfortunately you and I are planners and we must get it all done! (type A) LOL! Our lives have changed and i feel lately I am understanding gods plan! You are an inspiration to all (especially me)! Keep that chin up and know that I often think and pray for you! Good luck we will meet someday! Cheryl ( stage 4 lung cancer)

  5. I found it so hard when I lost my hair due to cancer. The Cancer Society gave me a very nice wig but I found it made me itchy, so within a few days, I decided I didn’t care, I had cancer and had to live with it every day so others could too. And, I just went out bald. A friend of mine was planning to get a Henna dye on her bald head, there are many interesting things you can do today. I know a lot of people who have never had cancer do not understand how hard it can be to to lose your hair – they don’t understand how much that is part of robbing us of our identity. But those who have been there get it. Good luck to you and many blessings and prayers coming for your continued battle.

  6. Terri, you have so been on my mind. Thanks for accepting my friend request and I was over the moon to read your two posts!!…..I also have had a nasty cold it is going on three weeks now. It gets discouraging when we have to be sick on top of dealing with everything else. So again let’s put our best foot foward and keep moving along. Take care doll and keeping doing you

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