My New Job

First of all let me say thank you – once again – to everyone out there who’s praying and channeling good energy my way.  Yesterday’s chemo session was one of the smoothest thus far.  No extreme reactions.  Faster than usual.  And minimal chemo foggyness at the end of the day.

I am convinced this had something to do with all the positivity and blessings people are sending me.  I am feeling it.  And it is helping.

We did switch from the Taxol to the Taxotere – Much better…  And next week we’re switching from IV Benadryl to regular over-the-counter Benadryl – at a lower dosage (so I should be even less foggy at the end of the day).

Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions on other ways to boost my white blood cells.  I’m compiling a list to bring to my oncologist for our next meeting on Monday.  For now, they want me to continue taking the white blood cell booster shots 3x/week.  Yay – more doctor’s appointments!

I am starting to realize what a full time job it is to manage a serious chronic illness and strive to be a truly healthy human being.

Endless doctors appointments…  bloodwork… treatment…  consultations with genetics counselors, physical therapists, specialists…  medical bills…  psychotherapy…  support groups…  finding time for physical exercise, meditation, complementary treatments…  researching every option, alternative, supplement, suggestion…  Eating the right things – And not eating the things I really want to eat…

My lord!

When I dropped off Miss M at daycare this week to go to chemo she grabbed me and whined, “No, I don’t want you to go the doctor’s.”  And when she was playing with hubby the other day she said, “I can’t right now.  I have to get blood work.”  What other 2 year old says this stuff???  As much as we try to shield her from what is going on – it still seeps through.  How can it not?  Especially when I literally am going to the doctor 5 days a week.

Taking care of myself is my new full-time job.  And although I’m not getting paid in the traditional sense of the word, I guess you could say the payment I receive is the continuation of my life.

This is serious business.  xxx  – T


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  1. It is all about YOU! Do whatever it takes. We’ll help you in whatever way we can. Just keep on fighting the fight and kicking cancers ass.
    BTW, almost 10,000 hits. Woot! Woot!!
    Love you

  2. Just remember, GWW: the more serious the business, the more humorously it should be approached. When you come down to it, just about everything except love is ridiculous.

  3. huge cuddles to miss m- bless her!
    you are doing a great job – fully points n your appraisal i think! much love xx

  4. You are a very strong person and inspirational too. Even though we have never met, I feel like I know you through your blog. You are in my prayers and am sending you positive thoughts.

    So relieved to hear that the chemo change has helped. CHRONIC ILLNESSES do take a lot of time to conquer, manage, etc. Hang in there –


  5. So many people in your shoes, fighting the good fight. Thank you for taking your personal battle to the page, open for us all…it puts life in perspective, allows us to empathize with others and sheds light on the daily struggles we may not otherwise be privy too. You are a strong, gracefulwomanwarrior…we smother you in love and healing thoughts everyday. Take care…

  6. Terri….today I woke up thinking of my financial struggles, and kids that didn’t have the exact pair of sock they wanted and complained, to a messy kitchen from last nite……
    and to think I was upset!!!!!!! your post’s put it all in perspective….I am thinking of you and know that your blog and you are fabulous:) does make me realize what a warrior you are…..Keeping the faith …You will

  7. Terri, good luck. You have a winner’s attitude. I’ll keep in touch with your Dad and try to keep him on an even keel, but your blogs show you will stay on top of all this. You have what it takes!

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