Visualize The Life You Want

This picture is why I have not blogged in the last few days.  I have a little “boo boo” on my finger – the result of an unfortunate encounter with a kitchen knife while chopping veggies for dinner – that makes it a wee bit difficult to type.  But I’m soldiering on anyways – determined to write a little something something.

This week I’ve been feeling good.  Normal almost.  It’s still hard for me to comprehend that I have stage 4 cancer most of the time because so much of the time I feel ok.  I continue to function.  And I look the same.

I think it’s hard for other people to imagine as well.  The common refrain I hear over and over again is, “Wow!  You look so good.”  Like they’re surprised anyone with advanced stage metastatic breast cancer could look normal.

With the new uber healthy lifestyle i’ve adopted since the diagnosis my body has been feeling pretty damn good.  I’ve lost some weight.  My skin is clear.  I still have enough energy to keep up with my 2 year old (most of the time).  And I still have my hair (although it recently started to thin – which I found out is normal for the chemo I’m taking – It won’t make my hair fall out in clumps – just gradually thin until eventually, one day, it’ll be all gone).

So what’s helping me feel so normal?

I’m sure a lot of it has to do with my positive – don’t give up – attitude and my strong will to live.  I do believe our thoughts create our reality.

Along those lines…  One of my favorite things to do to help me visualize my life and my future is a vision board.  I’ve done vision boards in the past and find the whole process to be so therapeutic and gratifying (especially when things you put on your board start manifesting in your life – right before your eyes).  Of course now, more than ever, I felt the need to complete one.  It’s my way of using images and words to conceptualize the vision I have for my life.  The idea being – what you visualize, think, and put out there to the universe – helps to create your reality.  And what better way to put my vision out into the universe, than by sharing it on my blog.

Intrigued???  Make one for yourself.  And put it up in a place that you will see it every day.  Then wait.  And watch.  Your dreams will start becoming your reality.

Peace and love to all.  – T

6 Responses

  1. !Ahhhh…Reminds me of our childhood back in the good ol’ day when we used to make collages. Of course, there was always a pic of Kirk Cameron on mine…. :)
    I think about those days often and I’m glad we have such great memories of the ‘hood. Hope your finger gets better and you get some rest.
    Your will to live and fight conquers all!
    Love you ~ Moe

  2. I am so proud to be your father. You blow my mind, again and again. I hope to be as wise as you, one day.

    Don’t sweat your hair getting thinner. Who wants fat hair?

  3. Fat hair – good one, Spider :)

    Visualize your reality – a wise and important concept. Right there with you. Booked my flights yesterday, so looking forward to being with you and Marisa and Heron.

  4. I am going to make a vision board, another way you seem to influence others in a small way-that becomes a big one. Now all I need to do is pry those old magazines away from the person I gave them to in order to clear out my house…hm….

    You do look good, but it seems to come from the inside. So I’m sure you will still look great without “fat” hair 😉

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