Embrace Change

Just finished watching Obama’s State of the Union address and I’m feeling inspired.  Damn that guy is a good speaker!

I am reminded not to give up hope.  Even though we may sometimes have to bend and flow with life and make adjustments, we do not have to give up or compromise who we are.

This cancer is definitely forcing me to make some serious adjustments.

But even though cancer has now become my new full time job, I will not let it to stop me from being me or pursuing my dreams.  I WILL …  still become a foster parent, continue my career as a social worker, travel the world, and be the best possible person I can be.

Cancer doesn’t stand a chance.  And I say all this after experiencing a day chock full of unexpected moments…

Today was supposed to be “chemo day”.  But when they tested me at the doctor’s office my white blood cells were too low to administer the chemo.  Funny how you’re never happy about doing chemo – but then, when you’re told you can’t do it, all of a sudden you’re sad.  Of course, feeling as strong and “normal” as I do, I never imagined my blood counts would ever be anything but where they needed to be each week.  Never anticipated my counts could be low enough to delay treatment.

I did manage to get my Herceptin today though.  All is not lost.

And I’m now taking ANOTHER medication (will it ever end!?!?)…  Leukine.  It’s a shot that’s supposed to increase white blood counts by going into the bone marrow and encouraging the growth of good cells.  Possible side effects??  Bone pain…  Chills…  flu symptoms…  Damn!  Not again.  And my oncologist says this may become a regular part of my “regime” as I go through treatment.  Fun!  Fun!

The new plan is to take the Leukine shots for 3 days then wait and see if my counts go up.  If they’re close to 2,000 on Monday I should be good to go for chemo again on Tuesday.

What Aunt L and I have taken from the latest change in plans is – that life is unpredictable…  And as my mom always used to say, “The only constant in life is change.”  So you better learn to adapt.

And I am.  Adapting.  Accepting.  Living.  Growing.

Tomorrow is another day.  Anything is possible.

– T