GWW Concert and Benefit

Day after day I am continually amazed by the outpouring of love and support being extended to me.

If prayer and positivity really do work then I definitely got this cancer licked.  People I don’t even know are reaching out, offering to watch Miss M or help with meals, sending money, and praying for me.  And the love and support from those I do know…  Well, It’s so above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

Today for example, the good folks at Tomlinson & O’Neil Insurance in New Bedford, MA posted a challenge on our gracefulwomanwarrior facebook page – Pledging to donate $5 for each new “like” on the page up to $500.  Can you feel the love??? I sure can.

And over and over again, day after day, I continue to receive new gifts of love and support – in a multitude of forms – from all over.

Now, I’ve learned that a close circle of friends and family have banded together to create a graceful woman warrior committee.  And this committee is in the midst of planning a fabulous concert and benefit to help me kick cancer’s ass!  Hell yeah!!!

The event will take place on MARCH 2, 2012 at the Country Club of New Bedford in Massachusetts.  All proceeds will go straight to me and my family to help pay for treatment, medical bills, travel costs, child care, and everything else you need to kick some cancer ass.

More details can be found on the Concert & Benefit Flyer or on the Graceful Woman Warrior Homepage.

Special shout-outs and BIG LOVE go to the fabulous GWW committee:

  • Laurie & Mark O’Neil
  • Dori Legge
  • Mary & Jim Rodericks
  • Jessica Rodericks
  • Chris O’Neil
  • Jamie O’Neil
  • Peggy & Mike Verronneau
  • Peggy Barry
  • Lynn Donohue
  • Maureen Dutra
  • Amy DuBois

And heartfelt thanks go out to each and every one of the thousands of people who have sent me notes, commented on my blog or facebook page, and continue to support me in what I imagine will be one of the toughest fights of my life.

I feel the love.

Peace.  – T

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  1. Dear Terri::

    I just found out about your diagnosis via your Dad’s note here on Bowen, just tonight. And now I have read your posts and found out what you have been going through for the last few months and can’t believe it. Not after all that you have been through so recently. As far as wake-up calls to begin to look after yourself a lot more – it is way to harsh!

    I just want you to know that we, Gord and I, are thinking of you and Heron and Marisa and want to help if we can. Of course, you have our prayers and thoughts. You are so strong and this shows in your open and sincere posts and in the network of family and friends gathered about you.

    Love, Katherine, Gord and Beatrice

  2. You are loved and will beat this. . .I have total faith in you. . .hugs to you, Miss M. . and of course. . hubby. . .peace to you my dear friend. I love you,

  3. T- you write so beautifully, so openly, so positively. It is actually a joy to receive your posts, though how I wish the need were not there. In many ways, big and small, the cancer diagnosis presents many gifts in the form of lov, connections, relationships, appreciation, recognition of what really matters. Seems to me you have learned whatever Important lessons you needed- which, seems to me you have Already had Plenty Of!!! So T- I wholeheartedly pray for your total and miraculous healing- you deserve it! We are all Blessed by your courage, grace, good humor, and love. Be so well my friend! Marcia

  4. sending so much love, hugs, support ( what can i do- anything- please just ask), and prayers.. I’m so sorry to hear about this terrible news. U CAN do it hun, u R a fighter and y R strong, keep positive thoughts- even though the dark stages, and painful times, u r loved by so many and hopefully that will help u though.

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