Creating Memories

Since posting my last blog entry 2 days ago I’ve experienced both joy and pain – in equal measures.

Immediately after posting my last blog I crawled into bed and was overcome with a severe case of the “chills”.  Even with 2 sweaters, a bathrobe, towels, and multiple blankets covering me head to toe I could not stop shivering.  My bones were aching…  My body was incessently shaking…  I was cold to my core.  As hubby tried to do everything possible to warm me up, Auntie L googled my symptoms and found out this was a common reaction to the bone strengthener (Zometa).  Oh lord!

That damn Zometa – which i figured would be the easiest for my body to tolerate, seeing as it’s just a “bone strengthener” and not a chemo drug – actually did the most damage.  For 2 days I was exhausted, run down, overcome with random bouts of the chills, and suffering from some pretty serious pain in the core of my bones.

Despite it all, the crew and I forged ahead and continued to create glorious memories…  Including an amazing girl’s retreat morning at Harmony Farm where we indulged in various reiki and massage treatments…  And Auntie Cole’s last supper in Ohio – a fully orchestrated culinary extravaganza that we shared with hubby’s boss (and my dear friend) – Miss B – along with a few bottles of wine, lots of stories, laughter, and smiles…   And then the following evening another fun night with our old friends M & J who joined us for more booze, stories, and laughter.

And to top it off…  Today, hubby and I actually went on a much needed date – the classic “dinner and a movie”.  What a gift.  With hubby always working and me caught up with appointments and visitors and Miss M, the two of us hardly ever get the chance to talk or hang out anymore.  This really helped us reconnect.

Of course the weekend wasn’t all happy moments.

With every new visitor that arrives – the day must come for them to leave.  And Saturday morning it was time for my best friend Auntie Cole to leave.  Even though we all drove her to the airport and saw her off, it wasn’t until the following day that Miss M registered that Auntie Cole was no longer there.  And she wasn’t happy about it.  Auntie Cole’s energy and love is larger than life.  The house feels a whole lot emptier and quieter without her in it.

And now it’s Sunday night.  Another week is upon us.  Another opportunity to continue creating glorious memories.

Make sure to make each moment a memorable one.

Blessings to all.   – T

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  1. How I wish I could supply you with the crackling flaming log in my living room fireplace this evening (it’s -14 outside in Halifax at the moment), somehow transmogrified so that it needed a label “FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY.” But since that isn’t possible, sending you loving thoughts and prayers for endurance and healing and relief from pain. I think of the Zometa as the medical equivalent of Ivan Denisovich Shukhov from Solzhenitsyn’s novel One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, out in the Siberian bone-chilling winter (where the mortar freezes solid if not used quickly enough), building a massive brick wall against the cancer cells. I think of him putting his glove into the nail barrel and bringing it up bristling with the nails frozen to it like a porcupine — and each nail skewering a cancer cell.

    Much love to you and Heron and Marisa, and Auntie Laura, and all your loving family —


  2. I am so proud of your optimism. I enjoy reading your blog and hearing your stories, God Bless you and keep you strong. Know that there are many friends thinking of you and praying for you. Love, hope, and strength to all of you. Enjor Miss M as much as you can and create those wonderful memories you keep sharing with us.xxoo

  3. Cherish every memory
    Love every moment
    Embrace every possibility

    It sounds like that’s just what you are doing!

    Over 6000 people are inspired by you and the number rises every single day as people continue to follow you and show their support. Thank you for sharing your memories with us.

  4. Played “Heart Wounds” on my radio show yesterday and dedicated it to you. Your mom and Aunt Dori did an amazing job with this song and I have total belief in the power of music to help and heal. I hope the music of the universe reaches you.


  5. I don’t know you personally, but have felt in touch with your family for some time and just want you to know there are a lot of “strangers” wishing you well. I met your parents on a 2006 (?) book tour (huge Spider fan for many, many years) and made a brief but beautiful connection with Jeanne, talking about Buddhism and other mutual interests. My neighbor Marilyn knows Lee Emmett and Herb, and now I’ve met them since they moved to Vancouver, WA. She’s the one who sent me the link to your blog. I have accompanied friends on their journeys with this disease and just wanted to reach out to you and let you know I’m sending love and wishes for your healing.
    Carmen Farmer

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