In It To Win It

Today I am in pain.

It’s like the all over body ache you get when you have the flu…  My back, my legs, my neck…  The pain was sharp at times – until the Tylenol kicked in – and now it’s become more of an all over dull radiating bone ache.  This is the Zometa talking.  Thank god I only have to take the bone strengthening meds once a month.  Hopefully, I won’t have this kind of pain the next time around.

Hubby said to me tonight, “Be careful what you say.”  As if all my marveling and questioning of how smoothly treatment has been going thus far was almost a challenge to the universe.  And finally, the universe bestowed me with a difficult day.

But you know what this difficult day has done for me?  It’s just made me want to fight even harder.

I will not allow myself to get knocked down by this cancer.  I will not become a sick mom who burdens her child.  I will not have my hopes and dreams dashed.

I will overcome this challenge.

Here’s to hoping that tomorrow is a better day.  – T

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  1. You tell ’em, graceful woman warrior! If anybody can kick cancer’s ass, it’s Luanna Mountainborne. You go, girl. We’ve got your back….

  2. Rest up my friend and take advantage of having your girl power (and hubby of course!) surrounding you! I’m saddened to hear you’re in pain and I pray that tomorrow will be a better day for you. My sister just texted me and said, wow, what a champ she is. That is the truth. You are a Champion. Much love xoxo

  3. I hope that today will be a better day…God Bless you and give you the strength you need to overcome all of this. Our prayers and thoughts are with you. Never give up…fight the good fight. You are so awesome.

  4. Hi Terri,
    We met you, Marisa & Heron last year at the open gym at BICS. It was great to get to know you a little and have a some chats with your husband. I was saddened, today, to learn of your diagnosis, but so moved by your positive attitude on your blog. I know you will win this fight. Thank you for sharing your story. By sharing your strength, you are giving others strength. You, Heron & and your beautiful daughter are in our thoughts. Take care,
    Lawrence, Rachel, Jakob & our new addition baby Delilah

  5. Trying to think of something meaningful to say. Vague thoughts about you and the snow that fell in MA today. It’s probably because I read this blog before my drive to work through Dartmouth and Westport this morning filled with glistening, snow covered trees. My thoughts made connections about the beauty, calm, and stillness of the snow hiding the destruction that can hide beneath. You are such a beautiful serene woman in the face of this disease, including the difficulty that treatment brings. There is a battle being waged inside of you that you are feeling today. It will hurt, but you will emerge. Beautiful snow covered boughs can break, but not you. You are strong. This disease may bend you, but Spring will come again.

  6. Oh honey. Sending love and healing strength. We are all standing with you and hubby and Miss M to help you be the graceful woman warrior you are and to kick cancer to the curb!

  7. Dear Terri,
    I finally got my computer back yesterday. Hooray for the Geek Squad! Give me “anal retentives”?? any day, including Mozart…..and that other guy… and that other woman….and…..and……well, you know what I think of 20th century psychobabble! (Hey is that one word or two??)
    I just got back from Cameron’s second basketball game. I missed the first one, being out of town. What a hoot! All these little beings hesistating as to which side they’re supposed to bag the ball! Priceless! And talk about no gender bias. There were two girls, and one, this little, little girl with all the right moves, well, she’s a natural already. Unfortunately, she wasn’t on Cameron’s team. BUT Cameron was the only one who scored for his team. So cute!!!
    So I got to read all your blogs that I missed. My greetings to sister Laurie, and Nicole. How wonderful Heron is going to Tai Chi and a therapist. He’s a wonderful wonderful guy and first rate hubby, as you call him.
    I heard from an old college room mate at BU, an opera singer, Cheryl Bibbs. She’s my age. She was diagnosed with stage 4 and she beat it, twice. She said a fighting attitude, total hope and good treatment is all, and when I told her about you, she said it sounded like you’ve got all that down!
    Through all the ups and downs, good days and not so good, we’re all with you, fighting and hoping and loving you…
    Aunt Kathy

  8. Thinking the best for you and sending prayers for continued strength of spirit and body, for you and those with you. Xoxo

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