Take The Good With The Bad

Week 3 chemo treatment done.  And I’m still feeling pretty damn good.

Each time though, my first chemo drug (Taxol) seems to really hit me in a weird and intense way.  My body is definitely not vibing with the Taxol.  Last week I swear I could feel it flowing and burning through to the tips of my fingers and toes.  Like a really bad drug trip.  Then this week it felt like it was burning up my chest to my face.  Trying to get out of my body somehow.  So now there’s discussion about switching to a different chemo drug in the same family (Taxotere).  I’ll be chatting with my oncologist about the switch when I see him next week.

But otherwise, my body seems to be tolerating all the meds pretty well.  No problems with the Carboplatin or Herceptin (which is actually a hormone drug – not chemo).  Plus, the new bone strengthening med I’m taking (Zometa) seemed to go in today without a hitch.

Yesterday, I have to admit, I was feeling some sharp stabbing pains in my breast and chest area.  Not so pleasant.  But not the worst pain I’ve ever felt (hello C-section and broken collarbone!).   Apparently this is a common side effect of the chemo and an indication that battles are being waged in my body.  The pains came….  They went…  I rested…  And today it’s all better.

I’ve been told the Zometa may do the same thing in my bones as the meds try to displace the cancer cells with strengthening molecules.  Go Zometa!  Go!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…  I truly believe the only way I am making it through all this is because of the insane outpouring of support I am receiving – on all levels.

It’s hard for me to even comprehend the level of support and love that is pouring in.  Over 5,000 visits to my blog…  Endless emails, hand written notes and cards, gifts, text messages…  All the checks and donations that keep coming in…  Offers to help with Miss M from the local community (where we’ve lived for only 6 months)…

I’m especially blown away by the number of people willing to get on a plane and come out to the middle of nowhere Ohio to be with me.  As my oncologist said to me the other day, “You’re a real popular lady!”  It is truly amazing.  And having my favorite people next to me while I fight this battle makes all the difference.

So thanks again everyone.  I can’t even begin to express the level of gratitude and appreciation I feel.

hugs.  -T

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  1. Nor can I express my own gratitude and appreciation for the support you’re getting, Terri. It doesn’t surprise me, but it warms my heart.

  2. Keep on fighting the fight…one day at a time…head held high in true Terri Luanna fashion. From Dartmouth to Ohio, feel this hug. (hug)
    Love you girl!!!

  3. Though I haven’t been commenting on each blog I do send prayers and good thoughts your way multiple times each day., and am so happy when I read you are upbeat and gracefully waging your war against the cancer.

  4. My dearest Terri
    I have been reading your blog since Liz sent it to me. You are one freakin amazing woman, friend, mother and wife. The courage you have is just fantastic. You will get through this with flying colors. I just know it. You are my shinning star and will always be My Girl.

    If there is anything you want or need, just let me know. I miss you and love you! Always in my positive thoughts and healing prayers.

    Love Mella
    La la la la la
    La la la la la
    La la la la la

    • Funny you should mention that… I just signed up Hubby and I for weekly tai chi classes at my favorite local spot – Harmony Farm. We started last week. Glad to know it’ll help my bones in addition to destressing and acting as a meditation tool.

  5. Terri, I’m a friend of Dori’s and I went to Stang with some of your other aunts. I live just outside of New Haven, Ct but am from New Bedford. I’m also fighting breast cancer, and am about 3/4 through daily radiation treatments. I also feel the sharp pains to my radiated breast. My Oncologist told me that it’s bascically me at war with myself, and its entirely normal. In any case, I win! Hugs and prayers to you, my fellow survivor! I’ll be following your posts and sharing my healing energies with you.

  6. my dear terri – i know this is such a massive blow but from reading your blog i must say, i’m in awe of your courage and your positive attitude. i think God blessed you with Miss M to give you that courage and stamina to fight. i know in my heart that you will beat this and will keep you and your family in my prayers. you are such an inspiration. we are all pulling for you. once this is said and done, we will plan on a celebratory lalala trip just us girls — take care my dear .. we all love you.


  7. Since you’re taking the holistic route, as well as the medical one, I thought you might be interested in The China Study. Basically, eating animal protein, diary, etc is linked to many Western diseases, including cancer. I have a hard time going completely vegetarian, but I have cut back, and I’ve cut back on dairy too. Check it out!


  8. Am happy you are doing well with the treatment and am also happy to hear you being so positive. I am sure that is probably the best medicine. Many people are reading your blog and praying for you. Stay well and enjoy that sweet girl. I have 4 grandaughters, age 6, 11, 15, and 16. I wish I lived near you so I could help with your little princess…instead I will pray for you and think of you daily.

  9. Terri,just checkin in with your progress.Thinking of you and your family on a daily basis.Stay strong hun.You amaze me!!! Good vibes sent from Nantucket .Peace Mike:)

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