Workin’ It

Ok, I realize I’ve been slowing down on the posts a wee bit.  The good news is that I’ve been slowing down because I’ve been spending my time having fun, creating memories, and living life.

Yesterday evening the auntie brigade begun.

Auntie L arrived from Massachusetts and all of us couldn’t be happier.  Miss M was overjoyed to have Auntie L take her to ‘singing & dancing’ class at the Y this morning.  And she, Auntie Cole and I are having lots of fabulous girl time.  Having both Auntie ‘Cole AND Auntie L here at the same time is pure gold!

The addition of Auntie L to the household also shifted us all into action mode.  To do lists are being written.  Resources consulted.  Plans made.  In true social work fashion, Auntie L – in her first day here – had me online completing my application for disability benefits (it seems stage IV breast cancer patients automatically qualify).  And the energy seemed to carry on to Auntie Cole who took it upon herself to reorganize my pots & pans and declutter my kitchen counters.

Hubby and I also attended our first Tai Chi class today at Harmony Farm outside of Dayton.  The farm is magical and offers a bunch of amazing holistic services aimed at increasing balance and wellness.  Check out their website:

I am truly convinced that all the efforts I am making at wellness and the support I am receiving is what is allowing me to handle this weekly chemo with grace.  I feel productive, active, more balanced, and fully loved and supported.  I am sticking to my exercise routine – 3o mins of sweaty exertion on the elliptical each day.  I am committed to eating healthy – no sugar or white carbs and VERY limited animal products or alcohol.  I continue to meditate – usually 10-15 mins each day.  And i’m adding as many other wellness activities into the mix as possible (support groups, therapy, tai chi, visualization, yoga, reiki).

Couple all that with the endless support I continue to receive (financially, emotionally, physically, spiritually) and it just seems like an obvious recipe for success.

So thanks again to all of you supporting me on this journey.  I continue to be grateful.

Love to all,  – T


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  1. I saw Spider yesterday and he told me the news and gave me your blog site. It was a gift that he was able to be with your family for the past 7 weeks. I will keep you in my prayers and keep up the positive attitude. Big hugs and love from Bowen, Nancy Lee

  2. You really didn’t expect hurricane L to just show up and that’s it, did you??? She’s one hell of a lady!!! You are in great hands. Good thoughts and so many prayers to you and yours.

  3. Terri, we held our 3rd annual Breast Cancer Pillowmaking Workshop at work last night and before we started I told your story to inspire all. The result was close to 100 pillows made in just over two hours to comfort 100 women post surgery…looks like you inspired all of us! I made one for you (well I stuffed it anyway….I really can’t sew, especially with a machine!) and will get it to you. The rest will be donated once again to Dana Farber in Boston. You are amazing! Your Auntie L isn’t too bad herself! Love to all…

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