The Saga Continues

Another day – another dose of chemo.

Today’s medicine – Herceptin – was a breeze compared to yesterday.  I guess cuz Herceptin is actually a hormonal drug targeted specifically at my HER2 cells and not really a traditional chemotherapy treatment.  So no steroids today.  No benadryl. (thank god!)  And I was in & out in 90 mins.

I drove myself home after and am feeling totally fine (although my left boob and arm do ache a bit.  I think it’s the medicine trying to pick a fight with the cancer cells).

When I got home I put together my new meditation table/alter with dad (aka: “grandpa”) and my little munchkin – Miss M – who is great with a wrench by the way.  And then whipped up some homemade quiches that are now cooking in the oven.  Take that cancer!  You can’t stop this woman!!

I also started the process of arranging child care for Miss M.  I realize I will not always have someone here as my back-up helper to watch Marisa while i go to medical appointments.  In fact, just today, when we were scheduling next week’s chemo treatment I realized I couldn’t schedule anything for Tuesday or Wednesday because no one would be around to watch Marisa (grandpa leaves Tuesday morning and Auntie “cole” doesn’t get here till Wednesday night) and I haven’t firmed up the daycare situation.

The good news is that her current preschool is willing to take her into the older toddler program Thursday mornings where I don’t need to go with her – so that frees up a few hours for appointments or “me time”.  And the daycare I was considering enrolling her in full-time when I got my job back in November says they are willing to take her now for just one day a week so I can schedule my chemo appointments on that day.  So everything is coming together beautifully.

In other treatment news…  The hospital where I had my MRI done this past Monday called today to say they want me to come in and have more scans done.  It seems the MRI they did doesn’t quite match up with the PET scan they did a few weeks ago and they want to do a more detailed MRI of my leg.  This is all to figure out if the cancer has spread to my bones (which looked fairly likely in the PET scan but no so likely in an earlier bone scan).  Once they’ve done all the scans I may then have to go in for a bone biopsy (which I hear ain’t too much fun).

Just when you think you’re done with all the scans…  Nope, a few more please.

I also found out my current chemo regime will continue every week for the next 12 weeks.  Then I’ll continue with the Herceptin weekly after that along with a few other possible chemo drugs (to be determined at a later date).  And I think the general plan is to just keep doing some sort of treatment like this month after month, year after year, monitoring things as we go and choosing the drugs that work best to keep the cancer at bay.

Guess that’s it for now.  Time to go rest.

Peace and love.  – T